There are so many places on the internet and companies and idividuals that use the internet to charge you for things you don't need. Viruses, Malware, Fraudulent Internet Companies, the internet is a dangerous place if you don't know what to do or what to avoid. If you own a Domain Name, you will get a letter from DOMAIN REGISTY OF AMERICA. This company sends out renewals to owners of domains, yet they dont actually own or support the domain name, they are just trying to hijack your name to thier company. Many people who buy domains don't know better and just pay the Bill. Actually if you read the fine print, it says "AS A COURTESY" keep looking harder and it will say "switch today to the Domain Registry of America. This company has been at this forever, they are fraudulent and should consider them unethical and by all means do no business with them. is the website they use.


Over the last year I get a lot of customers calling about internet bills that are internet traps.  It used to be only Domain Registry of America pushed out fake bills.  Now we get bills from Online Backup services and Bills from DNS Services.  If you don’t understand the bill, DO NOT PAY IT.  I recommend using GOOGLE to search for the bill name and see if anyone has posted it as a SCAM.  Her is an example.

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