Apple Macintosh Upgrades - Available only in our Glenwood Springs shop. Absolute Computer Design provides Flat Rate Drop-off Mac Upgrades. Flat Rate Drop-off MAC Upgrade Fee is $175 plus Parts. Ship us your Laptop for Repair - Add $75 for return Shipping and Insurance. Common Upgrades are: Install a Larger Hard Drive. [Your system will be identical but much more space] Add cost of Hard Drive. Install additional RAM [We stock some RAM types. Others may take a week to receive] Add cost of RAM. Install a Windows Boot Partition [Windows XP SP3 installed on your Mac] Add cost of windows License. Install a Newer Version of the OS Motherboard replacement must be discussed on a case by case basis. Our Macintosh technician Jeff Magnus has expert skills to fix almost any problem.

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Call our Computer Specalist Thomas DeVito at 970-379-4094, or the office line at 970-928-7477. We have a proven track record of successful computer support, website design, and security webcam deployment since 1986, 25 years of support. From simple projects for complex custom programming, we can produce any project at any budget.