Advertising on $500 per year will get you 4 ads on our site and link them to your website or a simulated website of your own. Search engine keywords and stats on how many views will be provided at the end of the year. Ads are on all related Domains, and placed on at least two cameras. COST $500 PER YEAR.

2. Live or Simulated Live Web Camera at your location. You provide us with INTERNET & POWER, we purchase a camera, install, maintain system should it need repair. We maximize the image quality over time for night lighting & lens changes should they be needed. COST $500 PER YEAR + must pay advertising Total $1000 Per Year. Camera has capability to store surveillance on your site to your computer, should you want to take advantage of this it is no extra charge. All images are to be shared on this offer is not available for private images. Ads on your camera are not exclusive, exclusive ads on your camera are $2500 TOTAL per year, and you can control all the ads on your camera, post as many as you wish they rotate.

Making your own Ad’s on

All Ads are JPG format.
Create 4 ads of the following sizes.

Side Ad 123 * 300 PIXELS

Small Ad 352 * 60 PIXELS

Large Ad 800 * 90 PIXELS

Time Lapse 704 * 480 PIXELS

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Call our Computer Specalist Thomas DeVito at 970-379-4094, or the office line at 970-928-7477. We have a proven track record of successful computer support, website design, and security webcam deployment since 1986, 25 years of support. From simple projects for complex custom programming, we can produce any project at any budget.