Control4 Smart Home Systems

Control4 offers a complete line of home-automation product that makes sophisticated home-control solutions practical and affordable for every home. With Control4, everything works better because it works together under one controller, or through the web internet interface. Control4 has solutions for Lighting, temperature, safety and security, distributed digital audio and video control. Once you make the jump to control4 systems it will change you life, and become an indispensable tool to take control of you home and life.

Control4 can do so much; think about automating any of the following systems

Lighting Control System
Custom Programmable Keypad Systems
Speaker Zone Control Solutions
Audio and Video Control Solutions
Remotes and Touch Screen Control Systems
Temperature Control Systems
Security and Video Monitoring Systems
Integrated Subsystems [Fireplace, Locks, Gates, Garage Doors, Sprinkler].

All this and much more can be custom programmed and controlled by remote, touch sceen, or from the internet.

Control4 Home Controllers - Each Control4 System starts with a Home Controller. It is recommended each TV point have its own Control4 Home Controller. The Controller will allow you to input an control Audio and Video. It will also be an access point to integrate subsystems like fireplaces and door sensors. When integrated with Rhapsody, you can play any song and store it to play lists.

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Control4 User Interfaces - Control4 has Remotes and Touch Screens to interface and control all systems in your home. Control4 navigation can be installed in the wall, or be in a portable configuration. Control 4 can have remote control through you I Phone or Touch, and access the same control panel just like you were in the house. Keypads and programmable buttons are also available that can be programmed to do any function from setting wakeup environment to shutting off all power systems to the house.

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Control4 Audio / Video Solutions - Control4 gives you complete custom control to configure you audio systems throughout the house. It starts by setting up audio zones using a Control4 Zone Amplifier or a Control4 Speaker Point. You can set up to units of 8 Zones in you home and stream audio to any of the active zones with the press of a button. The Control4 Controllers will be set up at the video locations to plug in Amplifiers, TV sources, Disk and Play station sources.

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Control4® lighting products -You can create custom, ambient lighting throughout your home and you can do so much more. Our solutions help you create a beautifully lit home that is also responsive to your needs. From remote control to smart lighting that helps you save electricity — Control4 solutions offer endless possibilities. And because Control4 lighting products are so affordably priced, there is a complete package for practically any budget. Here are just four of the many ways you can use our lighting solutions to create a smarter, more comfortable home.
Turn your whole house “off” with Control4.

Picture it. No more midnight re-con missions through the house to make sure lights are off and the house is secure for the night. With Control4, you simply set a Good Night Scene and with the single push of a button, lights will turn off, a bathroom light might dim at 10% for the kids, the TVs shut off, the thermostat drops the temperature a few degrees, and the alarm is armed. Your system will notify you if any doors are left open, including the garage. Even better, you can easily add lighting control to any existing home because the products leverage existing wiring.

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Climate Control - Control4 climate control products make automated temperature control a simple and affordable part of any Control4 Home Automation System. Featuring bi-directional communication and seamless integration with the Control4 network, wireless thermostats add an impressive array of climate-control functions that can interact with every other intelligent device in the home. This gives you total control of your temperature setting anywhere anytime, and can program that temperature.

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