Who needs a website?

The fact is everyone doing business should have a website. The real question should be..

Who can profit by having a website?

You have to look at what your business is making per job on average.

You can start an effective drupal website for as little as $1250 hosted for 1 year and serachable.
This lowend website would have simple graphics and have up to 5 pages. A budget of 10 hours of design work.

But if you have realistic expectations you should budet much more.
The cost of a website developed to successfully market on the web $3000, $5000, $8000
A Starter site marketed working can be produced for $1500 minimum.

Lets look at how many jobs you need to make to get a return on your web investment

Barber $20 per client 150 Clients required to make $3000
Hair Color $50 Client 60 Clients required to make $3000
Dental Hygienist $50 Client 60 Clients required to make $3000
Computer Repair $150 Client 20 Clients required to make $3000
Excavator $5,000 profit minimum 1 Client develops lifetime of work.
Float Trip $350 Client 10 Clients required to make project.
Tour Package $500 Client 6 Clients required to make project.
Transmission $2500 Client 2 Clients required to make project.
Asphalt Company $20,000 profit some jobs 1 Client develops lifetime of work.
Concrete Company $20,000 profit some jobs 1 Client develops lifetime of work.
Sewer Company $20,000 some jobs 1 Client develops lifetime of work.
Roof Melt Company $20,000 some jobs 1 Client develops lifetime of work.
Foundation Company $20,000 some jobs 1 Client develops lifetime of work.

So basically look at your business model. If your company sells big ticket jobs, you have to use your logic and have a web presence. Those who make good money on jobs should invest a lot in the web every year to stay on top.

What do I need my website to do?

What you need is a website that is not a determent to your business image. This can be accomplished by spending a little time on your graphics and logos, picking tasteful colors and having a professional graphic artist take the time design a professional site. But the graphics of the website is only one small part of a successful development.

What makes a website ultimately successful on the internet?

In order to be successful on the internet you need clients to view your site and call you for products or services. That’s the bottom line for most of our clients, making money on the internet. How many clients will it take for your business to pay for the website? With most marketing tools, there was no real way to know if your marketing dollars are working for you. With the website, we provide the client with detailed statistics on the web viewers visiting their site. The numbers are very empowering giving the clients and designers real data to work with. Our main goal then is to get the statistics to the maximum number of viewers possible, as well as use the statistics to improve the site performance. Our secondary goal is to get the website a Google ranking, this ranking is coveted by website owners as it places them higher on searches then unranked sites. Getting a Google ranking is difficult and done internally by Google only a few times per year. Any ranking other then zero is a very good thing. Most websites will never get ranked. Most websites will have development abandoned after 45 days, and no changes or updates will take place after the initial design.

What are the proper steps to developing a website?

Step 1. Have a keyword analysis done on your business. This will tell you what words and phrases people are typing in search engines for your business type. We then build a list of target words or phrases for your business.

Step 2. Choose domain names that are the target keyword for your business. More then one can only improve your placement. Purchase words like denvermacrepair.com or aspentreedocort.com or aspenrealestatebroker.com using regions and keywords in your domain name is one way to help maximize your final marketing numbers.

Step 3. Start your website graphic design and content creation. Create a logo if the client does not have one. This process is a lot of work on both the designers and the website owners. It will be the responsibility of the website owner to provide text pictures articles and content for the web site. The more content placed on the site the greater the number of viewer you will get. Sites with 500+ pages of content can expect 500-1000 hits per month. In contrast, a site with 50 or less pages of content will only receive up to 200 viewers per month. The more content you place the higher number of search engine hits you will receive. Also you will have greater credibility with the search engines and get a ranking and better placement on searches. The better ranking the more hits you will get, the more potential customers. This process of designing the graphics and content can go on for some time. It will realistically take a few months to get done. This time table is dependent on how many changes to the graphic design need to be made to satisfy the client. The time table is also dependent on how involved the client is with the design and content, if the client knows what they want, and they provide us with the text and pictures to place, then the project moves a site to completion in 6-8 weeks

Step 4. Work on the Meta tags for all picture, titles, description and keywords for all pages. Add Google Analytics for statistic gathering.

Step 5. Monitor the progress and optimize the site each year to improve its performance. The search engine placement is an arms race with your competitors. Monitor your performance and come up with tactics to add content to improve your placement vs. your competitors. Don’t walk away from your site after 45 days like most developments. Optimize your site each year, the cost of optimizing is cheap to add new content.

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