Absolute Computer Design is a computer company specializing in Web Camera security and surveillance. We install live web cameras on the views you choose and record the video to a computer on site, or off site recording is available as well with a service provider. We are not an alarm company that installs home security although the lines for traditional security systems and modern web camera monitoring and surveillance tend to cross over. What we do provide is an expert web camera installation that will allow you to view your home or office from their Smart Phone (IPHONE, Blackberry, or Android) as well as record video on a motion detection trigger. AXIS web cameras also have the ability to stream audio and even broadcast audio back to the camera location should you want that feature. We can email you if there is a motion detection trigger at your location and you can view the image live on your smart phone or computer or website. If you want to view the stored surveillance video movies from previous days, we have a recording system that you can view footage if you know what date and time region you are looking for. Each motion detection trigger will be a seperate movie in a triggered system. All these tools are a complement to traditional residential home monitoring systems. In many cases Live Webcam Surveillance monitoring and recording can complement and even do more than expensive traditional home security systems of old. Older security systems provide services we do not including a panic button, fire and emergency services, but the web cameras can provide surveillance and figure out WHO is coming and WHO is going from your property, not just put out an alarm. The viewing of your own cameras live from your smart phone is the newest and best feature of the system. Having the service installed myself I enjoy both the security feature of viewing my home, but also it is very comforting to have my home view when I’m on the road and missing my family. Newer home security systems have the capability now to integrate cameras. We specialize in cameras and have 12 years experience working with image quality and webcam streaming and recording development. Anyone can put up a camera, only a few can get it streamed to your smart phone, and to your computer, and to your website, and record the video for later view. We have extensive experience with how to maximize your image in all conditions. Issues you need to consider are lighting, weather, speed, resolution, proximity to view, and computer networking. We provide services from small residential applications for family and home monitoring, to small business monitoring and marketing, and we offer services to large businesses and government as well. Web Camera Surveillance can help Government Township and cities save money on the police budget. By reducing man hours and using surveillance recording and monitoring tools police can monitor and record video that can provide a positive identifiable record for investigation and prosecution use. Strategically installed web cameras in your town or at your problem areas can provide a recorded video of sufficient quality to stand up in court, as well as use the motion detection triggers to contact an officer who is looking for activity in a particular area. There are many case studies of how these systems work and save money.

ACD recommends Fixed View AXIS P1344 for your marketing and surveillance.
In previous years ACD has used AXIS 211 or the wireless option AXIS 211W for its marketing and surveillance needs. The resolution on the newer AXIS P1344 is much higher then the AXIS 211, for surveillance options we now use the newer model. Resolution is important because when zooming in on the stored image, the quality of the AXIS 211 is not enough to use in court. The built in motion detection indeed catches the desired movie, but zooming in to see detail is lost to low resolution. AXIS has provided newer cameras to increase the resolution, for surveillance needs. We recommend our customers use the higher resolutions. AXIS 211 has a max resolution 640 * 480 Pixels, where the AXIS P1344 resolution 1280 * 800, AXIS P1347 resolution 2560 * 1920. The AXIS newer line of cameras have all built in support to stream and store audio as well as video. The AXIS new lines of web cameras have the ability to use the new streaming format H264 as well as support for Motion JPEG. The AXIS newer lines of cameras have HDTV quality output from 720p to 1080p depending on the model you choose. For marketing views, those are views you provide to the public to build a draw to your website, the resolution is not as important. For surveillance views, customers are urged to consider using the high resolution options of the P1344 and above.

What features do you want to consider for you web camera solution?

1. Can the lens be upgraded to zoom, wide angle, or microscope use?

2. Does the application require a pan tilt zoom solution?

3. Does the camera support audio?

4. Does the camera support Power over Ethernet POE?

5. Does the camera offer MPEG-4 compression?

6. Does the camera offer Motion JPEG compression?

7. Does the camera offer H.264 compression?

8. What is the max frame rate per second?

9. What is the max resolution of the camera?

10. Does the camera offer a public view option for marketing?

11. Is the camera outdoor rated?

Below it the primary cameras ACD has used in the past. We have considered other brands, but to date we are still 100% behind AXIS brand web camera solutions. The price range per camera starts at $1000, and you will also need to buy Hoods, Brackets, Enclosures, Wire, POE injectors, and Lens enhancements. You will need power and internet at the location, as well as a good pc to store the digital video recordings. The recording software is free for the first camera, and then you must buy a one-time license (unit 4 webcams) for the software monitoring tools from AXIS. You get what you pay for, our cameras come with a 3 year warranty, we get no special pricing, there is no profit made on the camera hardware. Please review the links below to get an idea of the cameras we use.

Once the Web Camera system is installed, we can program your internet router to pass the images to internet websites. The images are streaming and you can view your live views from a website we design, or going directly to an IP address we set up at the router, or we can help you load a Smart Phone App to view your cameras live from your smart phone. The network can be private or public depending on what you want. There are a lot of advantages to going public with your views in the incoming links and name recognition, webcam views are a popular draw on the internet, and getting more popular every day.

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