Complete new development or re-work of your existing web site.
A full marketing package with live web cameras, and ad links on web sites.
Logo work and new business cards to match website theme if you desire.

We sell two types of web sites, a hard coded site, and a DRUPAL dynamic site.

For hard coded examples see
www.glenwoodclothing.com - Clothing store in Glenwood Springs CO.
www.bluemesafishing.com - Fishing guide on Blue Mesa.
www.trurealestate.com - Real estate agent in CO.

For a DRUPAL programmed example see
www.flattoppers.com - Snowmobile club in Glenwood Springs CO.
www.styleskb.com - Kitchen and bath showroom and more.
www.rfeye.net - Eye clinic in Glenwood Springs CO.
www.nordicgardens.com - Landscape company in Aspen CO.
www.bluemesafishingguide.com - Fishing website in Blue Meas CO.

DRUPAL sites have a lot of advantages over a hard coded site.

DRUPAL has modules that can include
Inventory creation, blogs, polls, memberships, forums, e-comerce.
GPS, photo galleries, and much more. All customizable.

DRUPAL has member login capability to interact with the client.

DRUPAL allows the client to edit and change web site content if desired.

Drupal has a much more powerful interactive data management capability.

After we start your web site project well will be following this basic approach.

A. We first do an analysis on the best most effective keywords for your business.
We use tools from Google to produce keyword statistics for your business.
We use these tools because Google owns 90% of the search engine market.
Select top utilized words for your business model.
Select an effective domain name for your web site using the keywords.
Integrate search words into your website to maximize links to your domain.

B. A Domain name is purchased.
Purchase includes key search words in name for effective searching placement.
First domain name $185 additional names added for $135 per domain.

C. Create your logo design or re-design your logo
We consider the logo an important part of the advertising package.
We work with the client and graphic artists to make a logo.
Logo used on business cards, the web site, and www.coloradowebcam.net ads.
Estimate Logo development time is only 1 to 3 hours.

D. Web site template development - Phase I
Produce a first draft look and feel for your web site for hard coded sites.
DRUPAL sites will choose a theme to use and modules to use.
DRUPAL sites will go live at this stage to review possible themes.
Choose backgrounds, graphics, colors, fonts, and main buttons here.
Template from website will carry over to business cards, and ads.
Customer approves the web site template and signs off on the design.
Graphic design for web site is complete at this stage for hard coded sites.
DRUPAL sites will have the graphic design placed after content is in place.

E. Web site content assembled.
We work directly with the client to gather content for use in the web site
We will set up a button flow chart for your business web site here.
We will gather text documents, pictures, and write articles here.
This is a difficult but essential stage in developing the web site.
The client is without question, the best source for business content.
Direct client involvement is important in maximizing web site effectiveness.

F. Web site development – Phase II
Client content is added to the template throughout this stage.
Web site starts to come together as content and pictures are added.
Client can refine content, submit additional content, and make changes.

G. Web site development – Final Phase.
Final changes are made to the web site.
If the client chooses, a live webcam can be added to the site.
DRUPAL sites will have all the graphic design in place by this stage.
Client reviews,and signs off on the web site design and content.
Web site now advances to the marketing and customer training stage.
Client requested changes made after this phase billed at $75 per hour.

H. Business Card Design
Here we produce a new set of business cards for the client.
Card is glossy color, single sided, and we do all the graphics.
Client pays only the printing price of $95 per 1000.
Double sided design is available for an extra charge.
Other employees may each purchase the same designed card at the $95 price.

I. Webcam Ads on www.coloradowebcam.net
If not already done, we produce an ad campaign for the client.
Takes advantage of all the local traffic on our webcam site.
www.coloradowebcam.net had 50,000 page views in MAY 2009, 40% locals.

J. Google analytics
We add Google analytics to provide statistics on visitors to your web site.
Visitor statistics will be tracked by us and the client over the next year.
Data provides number of visits, pages visited, time on site, location.
Data also provides search engine hits, and the keywords the typed.

K. Keyword optimization and search engine optimization
We optimize your search engine placement over the first year.
We train the client to understand the workings of the keywords per page.
Throughout the year we will look at the analytics to see if its working.
Clients can obtain a detailed report on search engine placement for a fee.

L. Web Site ownership
Original development charges must have been paid in full.
After full payment is received, client owns the web site, and the web code.
There is no obligation to continue ads or hosting with coloradowebcam.net.
Client may move domain to any other hosting company if desired.
DRUPAL sited are much harder to port to new hosting companies!

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